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Jul 19, 2017

Without Dougall Walker you might not be surfing a Firewire Surfboard and Kelly Slater might not own a surfboard company. Before he became CEO of Volcom Australia, Dougall Co-Founded Firewire. But this story doesn't begin there. In 1980 he was the first person ever to surf a thruster in Hawaii. And in 1986 he was tapped by Billabong Founder Gordon Merchant to join Billabong as Sales Manager. Dougall spent the next 18 years helping to grow Billabong, eventually retiring from his post as General Manager of Billabong Australasia in 2004, a year that Billabong earned hundreds of millions in revenue. Not bad for a brand that started out making board shorts on a kitchen table. It was difficult for Dougall to leave his staff of 300 people but he wanted to surf more and wanted to hang more with family. And now he's excited to hang with you in this episode of The Wire Podcast. 

Jul 11, 2017

Ron Shine sorts through at least 300 photos a day. Each one shows a surfboard. and each one was sent to him by a fan who has emailed, tagged, texted or messaged him. To give you an idea of just how sought after his surfboard centric attention is, we recorded this podcast when Ron had 135,000 followers. He now has 145,000. A 10k increase of audience in just weeks for BoardPorn - the account he owns, manages and oversees on Instagram. It’s a task that would tire many but for Ron, it’s an energizing endeavor that brings surfing into his life in the moments that he’s not actually surfing. The first 25 minutes of this episode explores the details of why Ron started BoardPorn, and how he turned it into what it’s become today. This conversation then turns to Tomo Surfboards, Dan Mann, and more as we settle in for an hour of surfboard talk. Enjoy!

Jul 5, 2017

This new episode of The Wire Podcast focuses on three of Dan's most recognizable surfboards: The Sweet Potato (2010) The Baked Potato (2012) and the Chumlee (2017).

Each board has grown a loyal following for different reasons, and each board has a party of surfers ready to claim it superior over the other two. These three boards highlight just how personal surfboard preferences are; the likelihood of the Chumlee being your favorite board and the Baked Potato being your best friends favorite is strong. And this is the focus of this episode.

Dan, Chris, and Mark each have different favorites, different preferred fins, opinions, etc, and this is a conversation that will be fun to drop in on.